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Pre Pandemic
It’s expected

WHO* Phase3
Health officials warn of potential pandemic influenza

Media coverage of pandemic influenza threat increasing

Economists describe potential economic impact

Business advised to plan now
Prepare yourself (employer)
  • Build your knowledge base about pandemic influenza
Prepare your business
  • Create/review pandemic influenza preparedness plan
  • Stay informed throughout this process
Prepare your employees, educate about
  • Pandemic influenza
  • Appropriate health and hygiene measures
  • Potential societal impact
It’s developing

Phases 4 _ 5
Health officials advise of human to human spread of potential pandemic influenza

Small localized clusters of cases identified

Media reporting numbers of cases/deaths
Update yourself (employer)
  • Get specific facts
Update your business
  • Monitor effect on customers, suppliers
  • Review pandemic plan with each business area
  • Implement international portion of pandemic plan
  • Consider implementing initial local pandemic strategies
Update your employees
  • Review pandemic status with staff
  • Reinforce education previously provided
It’s official

WHO Phase 6
World Health Organization declares global pandemic influenza

Sustained transmission of influenza in general population somewhere in the world

Federal and provincial/territorial health officials issue advice for Canadians
Media step up reporting on cases/deaths/societal impacts
Protect yourself (employer)
  • Continue to monitor pandemic status and health advisories
  • Be prepared to implement pandemic plan at any time
Protect your business
  • International strategies should be fully underway
  • High alert – be ready to implement national and local strategies
  • Assemble staff, communicate, train, practice
  • Continue to monitor impact on customers, suppliers
Protect employees, review
  • Pandemic status
  • Education/hygiene, etc.
  • Pandemic policies, e.g. HR
It’s here

WHO Phase 6
Federal/provincial/territorial health officials advise of arrival of pandemic influenza in Canada/province/territory

Provincial/territorial public health advisories issued

Health officials advise of case(s)/deaths

Media report cases/deaths/local impact

Significant absenteeism and fear
Address your business needs
  • Communicate with key people about status
  • Communicate with balance of staff, allay fears, stress hygiene measures, etc.
  • Assess compliance with and effectiveness of pandemic influenza preparedness plan
  • Evaluate impact on your business (e.g. within next 30, 60, 90 days)
  • Provide social and psychological support for employees
Post Pandemic
It’s gone for now

WHO Phase 6
WHO Phases 1_ 2
Health officials identify end of pandemic influenza wave(s)

Prepare your business for the next wave/next pandemic
  • Restore business operations
  • Assess and adjust pandemic influenza preparedness plan
  • Provide social and psychological support for employees
  • Monitor and communicate health information in preparation for next wave
* World Health Organization