Business Pandemic Preparedness

Preparedness Guidelines for Manitoba Business June 2006 
Manitoba Health document includes general information to help businesses understand the possible effects of a pandemic, and guidelines to help companies develop a planning team and create a comprehensive emergency plan for their organization.

Helping Your Organization Survive a Pandemic
Meyers Norris Penny, a national chartered accountancy and advisory firm
based in Western Canada, provides Risk Management Services to assist
businesses with a comprehensive planning process supported by a detailed
tool used to address pandemic related business interruption.

Canadian Manufacturers _ Exporters Planning Guide for Canadian Business March 2006
The 87-page guide highlights key considerations when coping with a pandemic, including the critical elements of a continuity plan plus a summary checklist; a how-to guide to develop a continuity plan; medical precautions and human resource considerations.

Annotated Annex: Guidelines for Business and Industry- BC
BC's Annotated Index supports the BC Pandemic Planning Guidelines for Business and Industry, providing additional guides, forms and templates for use in pandemic planning and implementation.

British Columbia: Managing Pandemic Influenza Guidelines for Business and Industry

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Ontario - workplace pandemic planning
Site contains a number of downloadable resources for workplaces to use in understanding infectious diseases and in developing workplace prevention and preparedness plans.

Business Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist
US Dept of Health and Human Services and CDC Pandemic planning checklists for large businesses