Action Date Delegated to Task
Ensure that your business has identified a trusted source of information in your community
Provide initial/ongoing education for employer/boards/managers/employees about pandemic influenza, current status, action required
Identify essential internal/external communication networks
Identify key company spokespersons
Maintain an up-to-date contact list of all internal and external client and partner agencies and stakeholders, including all senior staff within your business
Develop a plan for internal and external communications with staff, public, suppliers, customers, including for communicating the status of operations, any shutdowns, timelines for restart, and alternative means of production and/or service delivery
Ensure communications are culturally and linguistically appropriate when possible
Evaluate all options to keep personnel informed - mobile network, radio, internet, intranet, remotely hosted email and website
Depending on nature of business, plan for communication with the media
Prepare site specific notification of office closures and contacts for the public/clients