Human Resources

Action Date Delegated to Task
Maintain a current employee information list, including name, address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, and work location
Carry out a risk analysis based on company profile, e.g. gender/age breakdown
Develop domestic and international travel policies
Determine what procedures to follow for employees who do not, or refuse to follow proper preventative practices, e.g. hygiene, vaccination, etc. (involve union representatives)
Develop guidelines for people working in alternative workplaces
Develop essential services list of employees who may receive priority for vaccines/antivirals
Consider developing plans to sequester (isolate) and support essential staff if necessary
Ensure processes are in place to monitor employee absenteeism/illness
Establish policies for employees who have been exposed to influenza, are suspected to be ill, or become ill at the worksite, e.g. immediate mandatory sick leave
Establish policies for employee compensation and sick leave absences unique to a pandemic, e.g.
  • Personal or family member illness (will staff be allowed personal leave to care for family, friends, others? Including pay? How long?)
  • Bereavement (will staff be allowed leave following deaths of family members, friends, others? Including pay? How long?)
  • Refusal to work
  • Quarantine or school closure (will employee receive pay if he or she is ordered into quarantine following possible exposure to influenza? For how long?)
  • Closure of your business facility (will staff be paid if business facility is closed by order of the Medical Health Officer?)
Review employment agreements and establish policies regarding:
vacation time, overtime, redeployment of staff, use of part-time or retired staff, contracting out, flexible scheduling
Provide access to counseling and support services during and after a pandemic