Workplace, Health and Safety

Action Date Delegated to Task
Tell employees about pandemic influenza and steps the organization is taking to prepare for it
Ensure a healthy work environment with adequate air circulation, waste bins, etc.
Establish polices and protocols to prevent influenza spread in the workplace
  • Policies: prompt exclusion of people with influenza symptoms, etc.
  • Protocols: facility cleaning, personal hygiene (hand washing, coughing _ sneezing etiquette, etc.), limited face-to-face contact during a pandemic, etc.
Provide information to employees about care of themselves and family members if ill
Ensure provision of resources to support infection control in the workplace e.g. tissues, alcohol-based sanitizers, educational information (posters, fact sheets), etc.
Develop procedures for monitoring and managing employee health/illness/death at the work site
Obtain up-to-date information from local health officials about the effectiveness and availability of masks and antiviral agents. Determine the need within your workplace for stockpiling these items
Encourage and/or facilitate routine annual influenza vaccinations and advise at risk employees to talk with physicians re: pneumonia vaccine (seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccines will not address pandemic influenza virus specifically, but will strengthen immunity, provide protection from acquiring flu/pneumonia at the same time as pandemic influenza)