Corporate - Management

Action Date Delegated to Task
Appoint a pandemic coordinator and set up a pandemic team
Review your existing emergency preparedness plans in light of the threat of pandemic influenza
Initiate a process to develop a business wide pandemic influenza preparedness plan
Have each manager do an impact assessment and identify planning issues using sections of these checklists specific to their areas
Engage labour representatives in the pandemic preparedness planning process
Ensure back-up for all key positions, including pandemic coordinator and involve them in the planning process
Focus planning on addressing those areas most at risk
Identify reliable sources of pandemic information and develop a process for monitoring the status of the disease -
Identify official public health spokesperson in your community
Develop a process for monitoring the status of your business, prior to, during and after a pandemic
Develop a process for monitoring the status of your employees, prior to, during and after a pandemic
Set up procedures for activating and terminating the company’s response plan, altering business operations (eg shutting down operations in affected areas) and transferring business knowledge to key employees
Identify who will be in charge and make decisions concerning services during a pandemic
Determine the mechanisms for regular reporting to executive management throughout the pre-pandemic, pandemic and post-pandemic periods
Consider concept of sequestering (isolating) essential staff based on business needs
Develop a strategy to communicate critical elements of your pandemic influenza preparedness plan to employees, labour organizations, suppliers and customers
Test and revise pandemic influenza preparedness plan against potential pandemic scenarios
Communicate with other businesses, industry associations, Chambers of Commerce etc. to share planning strategies and resources